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imgpijl_r Backup, file sync, version archive, secure file transfer and collaboration in one solution
imgpijl_r Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux
imgpijl_r Available in many languanges
imgpijl_r Multiple computer data exchange
imgpijl_r Web and mobile access to your files
imgpijl_r Works serverless over Internet, LAN or VPN
imgpijl_r Free choice of location
imgpijl_r Silently runs as a system service

imgpijl_r Encrypted transfers
imgpijl_r Secure client identification
imgpijl_r File Archive
imgpijl_r Conflict handling
imgpijl_r Mass delete protection
imgpijl_r Cloud Space
imgpijl_r Secure HTTPS access to Online Storage
imgpijl_r Extended Security Control
imgpijl_r Server only networking mode

imgpijl_r Automatic Synchronization
imgpijl_r Scheduled Backup and Sync
imgpijl_r Automatic change detection
imgpijl_r Automatic Backup
imgpijl_r Instant change detection
imgpijl_r Filelist CSV writer
imgpijl_r Script execution

imgpijl_r Web-tunneled HTTP connections
imgpijl_r Delta sync (partial file updates)
imgpijl_r Multi-source downloads
imgpijl_r Private peer-to-peer networking
imgpijl_r Direct connection between clients
imgpijl_r Highspeed UDT mode
imgpijl_r Dynamic network
imgpijl_r Efficient networking
imgpijl_r Relayed Connections
imgpijl_r Connect on demand
imgpijl_r Proxy support

Web portal
imgpijl_r Users can easily share and access their data via web browser/mobile devices
imgpijl_r Access via mobile devices to own server possible
imgpijl_r  Different views on files and folders
imgpijl_r  Gallery and audio players
imgpijl_r  Customers and users can create accounts on their own (optional)

imgpijl_r Password-protected access to the web portal
imgpijl_r Complete independence, runs on your own hardware
imgpijl_r Within your own firewall, seperated from the SwitchData network
imgpijl_r Industry standard encryption on all file
transfers and connections
imgpijl_r Server is a centralized backup and file archive
imgpijl_r Files are not stored "somewhere" online

Web based administration console
imgpijl_r Administration of folders
imgpijl_r Administration of users
imgpijl_r Administration of security
imgpijl_r User rights management
imgpijl_r E-mail reporting
imgpijl_r Web reporting
imgpijl_r Logging

Easy setup
imgpijl_r Heterogeneous network - works in Intranet/Internet/VPN/LAN
imgpijl_r Runs on Linux, Windows and MacOSX
imgpijl_r LDAP/Active Directory integration
imgpijl_r Pre-configureable clients
imgpijl_r Highly available/load balanced server
imgpijl_r Connects to MySQL
imgpijl_r Web-tunneled HTTP connections
imgpijl_r Simple customization of the interface
imgpijl_r Licenses are available as Credits
imgpijl_r Customization of E-Mail notifications

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