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SecurepointThe Hague, 26 February 2010

ID Control, the specialist in strong and easy authentication and encryption has integrated its’ solutions with Securepoint, the Unified Threat Management solution which protects the gate to your network resources or your remote office from a mixture of risks and threats. Sensitive information from your network or application can now be securely exchanged with Securepoint’s VPN access to the right persons, who are really who they proclaim to be.

ID Control empowers the authentication procedure by providing strong authentication tokens with dynamic passwords on your mobile phone or on a hardware token.  Next to One Time Password authentication the user’s legal binding digital signature on a USB token can be used to sign-on to the access of  Securepoint’s VPN.  ID Control’s solutions are affordable and very user-friendly and available for Securepoint’s VPN but also for web based email and other services such as web application, network and remote desktop access.

 Securepoint, www.securepoint.de, founded in 1997, is the fastest growing Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution in Europe and develops and markets innovative IT-Security Technology for the total protection of an organization’s network. Securepoint UTM-security solutions (Unified Threat Management) with Firewall, IDS, VPN, Virus protection, web content/spam filtering and high availability features meet all of the security demands and wishes of today’s IT security manager. Securepoint excels in the easy web based configuration and administration of the system for all security modules. Securepoint is available as Appliance, or Software which can be installed on any computer or server, or VMWare image. All Securepoint solutions are distributed over a network of 2.000 partners securing already more than 40.000 networks worldwide. Customers range from small businesses, lawyers and doctors, to large industries and ministries.

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