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WebID Single Sign-On

One Key, One Login and all online Entrance Doors open to all your extranets and cloud based applications.

WebID: Secure Web Single Sign-On means:
  reducing usernames and passwords and entrance for users to remember and type;
  strong and easy authentication once at the entrance means opening all with password protected online extranet and applications;
  much easier for the end user and administrator, with streamlined remote access with high conversion on interaction like registration and sharing;
  reducing helpdesk and password relating issues and costs;
  control through a SSO and user account management application or service.

WebID: Secure Web Single Sign-On
WebID Single Sign-On is designed with security as the number one priority. The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is the standards-based enterprise single sign-on protocol used by leading SaaS applications like Google Apps, Salesforce and WebEx. SAML’s security uses digital signatures to ensure message integrity and authentication. ID Control WebID Web Single Sign-On for SAML-based apps can support Active Directory Federations Services without any firewall changes and synchronizes users with ID Control Server in real time. Authentication is interfacing with Active Directory, which means that AD passwords always stay behind the firewall and are enhanced with strong authentication of ID Control.

WebID: Secure Social Sign-On
WebID can also re-use and recycle already existing online social and business identities for easy registration, login and content and profile sharing to your online protected or trusted resources while still providing an additional login layer of protection with ID Control strong authentication. This means your users can login to your extranet or cloud application, f.e. shop, while making use of their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more social login credentials while being enhanced with ID Control strong authentication in order to proof the identity based on a security measure only you know and trust. Secure and convenient WebID lets employees, partners and customers use their social media logins (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and others) to access the cloud, extranet or web application like your shop.

WebID supports connections to Identity Service Providers and applications based on Oauth, SAML, OpenID and Radius and can be enhanced with strong authentication based on:
  One-time passwords typed over by the user from his SMS, mobile app or physical key generating OTPs;
  Analysis and Recognition of the user’s typing behaviour or hardware DNA profile of the computer device accessing.

ID Control WebID makes registration, access of and content sharing in the cloud, shop, and other online applications much easier and secure!

For Secure Web Single Sign-On for your all your internal and external users on your network, application, data and extranet services just contact us!

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