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Web Application Sign-On

E-Business, with its extensive reach through the Internet that connects customers, partners, and remote users together, is enabled by Web-based applications. In many of these business scenarios it is essential that web applications are only accessed by the people who are authorized to do so (e.g. stock trading, online ERP, procurement, accounting and CRM). Unfortunately, username and passwords (single-factor solution) are no longer adequate when business users are: connected by an ISP anywhere in the world, in remote offices, hotel rooms or at home. ID Control ehances the weak authentication for web application with HandyID, MessageID, KeystrokeID, ID Control USB Token and OTP Key. ID Control strong authentication is possbile for .Net, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, Java based applications and even SAP, Exact Synergy and the IIS web server can be protected.

Because current password-based online authentication is cumbersome, insecure and unsafe companies and organizations are looking at other authentication technology methods.

The authentication technology is classified into three basic categories:

Something You Know
Is basically user name and password authentication (single-factor authentication).
Something You Have
Is essentially token-based authentication in which users need to possess a token or their mobile phone in order to gain access to the system (two-factor authentication). USB Tokens, OTP Keys and mobile authentication can be reasonably included in the “Something You Have” category.
Something You Are
Is biometric authentication in which access is granted to users based on biological signatures such as a fingerprint, iris scan or analysis of keystroke behaviour.

In order to make authentication technology affordable for organizations with highsecurity requirements and user-acceptance ID Control offers high class:

Two-factor authentication based on USB Tokens (PKI support available), OTP Keys and Mobile One Time Password Authentication.
Two-way/mutual and two-factor authentication based on time, counter and challenge response with the HandyID, MessageID and ID Control OTP Key. It is also possible to sign digital transactions and let the server identify to the user.
Threefactor authentication based on the biological signature of the user’s typing behaviour (KeystrokeID).

To achieve this stronger authentication establish and maintain secure networking environments for secure online communication are on the rise with ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID , MessageID and KeystrokeID coming to the rescue. The purpose of ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID, MessageID and KeystrokeID in combination with ID Control Server is the authentication and access management across a wide variety of (web-based) applications based on permission rules. ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, MessageID and HandyID are enhanced by “something you havetechnologies.

The ID Control USB Token provides secure storage of digital identities backed up by strong two-factor authentication. HandyID is based on two-way and two-factor authentication by which your mobile phone turns into an authentication token and the server also authenticates to the user. KeystrokeID is a very low privacy impact three factor authentication method based on behaviour biometrics. ID Control offers ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID , MessageID and KeystrokeID with its unique selling points of multi-functional security, no software driver’s needs at the client side and relatively low costs and impact. HandyID is the mobile authentication solution you always carry with you which generates unique and dynamic (response) codes. With KeystrokeID no token is required by turning the user’s typing behaviour into an ID token. ID Control’s USB Token, HandyID, KeystrokeID together with ID Control Server can be easily integrated with many kinds of e-Business, e-Government, e-Procurement, e-Banking, e-Healthcare and voting applications. The USB Token and HandyID enable digital signatures which can enable vastly more efficient business processes in these online areas.

In case you would like to know more about Web Application sign-on, please contact us!
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