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USB Token

ID Control's USB Token is a portable end-user authentication token that can replace user name and password for workstation, website, VPN, file, email, network, file and/or disk access security. ID Control USB Token plugs into any standard USB port and can even run without any software.

Since authentication products come in various form factors, the user selection process is based on ease of use and flexibility, especially when in remote locations. Smart cards and biometric solutions require special readers that are not readily available anywhere, anytime. The USB Form has become more attractive over time since today’s PC’s have USB ports installed at the front or back-end of the computer, thus reducing the hassle of the connection process. Concluding chief advantage USB Tokens offer over smart-card-based and biometric authentication systems based on physical characteristics is the lack of need for a card reader and the next unique selling point of USB Tokens is their low cost and ease of use. You plug in your key, go to the secured website, network, email, file, computer or application, and enter your PIN or password, giving the same user experience as with a username and password. This requires no training of the staff and creates higher security awareness at the same time!

In order to make Authentication Technology affordable and usable ID Control focuses on USB Tokens and offers two levels of security where authentication is based on:
1. User (User ID, password/PIN) in combination with token (serial number) credentials (USB Token);
2. PKI related features such as private key and certificate (PKI Token) in combination with User and Token credentials (USB key with PKI support).

There are different solutions with the USB key:
Secure VPN Authentication
File and Disk Encryption
Web (Application) Sign-on
Secure Password Manager
Computer and Network Sign-On
Email Encryption & Signing

The road warrior carrying private, sensitive or confidential data with him while in transit can protect the memory on the USB Stick with Secure Flash memory encryption and decryption. Without the correct PIN or password no access is granted to files which are stored encrypted on the USB Stick’s memory.

The ID Control USB Token is available with or without (secure) flash memory ranging from 128 MB to 64 GBs of data storage and even offers possibilities for virutalizing applications on the flash memory of the token.

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