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Technology Partners

ID Control is very interested in building special relationships with software and hardware manufacturers who want to integrate and customize our authentication solutions and products under their own name. Our partners should have significant technology and market presence and would like to work with us to deliver best-of-breed solutions.

ID Control integrated its' strong, affordable and easy authentication and encryption already with an impressive list of solutions, but we strive to deliver as many integrations as possible in order to serve the needs and wishes of our partners and customers.

ID Control has the following strategic technical alliances:
- Securepoint for Unified Threat Management and Network and Wireless Access Control;
- Unified Mail and File Archive for Legal and Compliant Email Archiving.
- SwitchData for Secure Data Backup, Replication, Synchronisation, Archiving and Collaboration.

ID Control
is strongly interested in other cooperations with (security) software and hardware vendors offering solution such as:
Access and Authorization Management;
Digital Rights Management;
Identity Management;
Secure Network Access;
Secure Wireless Acces;
VPN (SSL and IPSec).

Furthermore we would like to build strong relationships with E-Business Solution Providers, who whish to improve their solution offering with strong authentication. Strong authentication goes hand in hand with the fast growing market for Online Accounting, Banking, Insurance, CRM, ERP, Procurement and other web based applications.

In case your company is interested in a partnership with ID Control, please do not hesitate to contact us!

1 Securepoint
2 Unified Mail Archive
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