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Secure Password Management

Secure Password Management is a security software module for ID Control's USB Token which securely manages all kinds of accounts and passwords for extranet sites and the application programs. Secure Password Management helps you to memorize the accounts and the passwords and automatically fills out the username and password for you.

Secure Password Management stores and automatically retrieves multiple accounts and passwords for different access controls in web pages and applications. You can select any one of the accounts and the passwords to proceed the fill-out or logon from the menu. The program can automatically proceed you through the logon page and the application logon window. Even a one click experience can be accomplished instead of filling out the logon account and password. Simple and easy, its auto-fill function is more secure and intelligent than other software programs out there.

With the bookmark function, user can automatically open the browser and turn to the relevant URL address by which it effectively improves your working efficiency. This program also provides the backup and the resume function of the password database file. In case when you needed, it can backup, resume and use the relevant data. The accounts, passwords, and the data files adopts the strong encryption algorithms to retrieve and save your logon information by which it won't be leaked.

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