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Protect, access and share data

SwitchData efficiently organizes your important data through:
imgpijl_r secure and direct synchronisation of and collaboration on your data on different computers, servers and mobile devices;
imgpijl_r backup and replication of data to a computer, central or hosted server;
imgpijl_r share files with other people securely and privately;
imgpijl_r access your files from anywhere at anytime.

SwitchData automatically transfers your data to your other server, notebook, workstation or smartphone and keeps it up to date. You can access your current data from all your devices
and even via web.

SwitchData is a safe storage and supports any type of data, both private and professional. SwitchData not only ensures that your data is up to date on all your computers and devices, it also automatically creates a backup. SwitchData encrypts all file transfers with industry
standard technology, ensuring that your data is not accessible by third parties.

SwitchData makes your data reliably available, up to date and on time. Too large E-mail attachments, incompatible or lost USB-Sticks are a thing of the past.

SwitchData will automatically backup and create a history and archive of older files and versions. SwitchData prevents loss of data, protecting your data from even the most catastrophic events such as fire, earthquakes, natural disasters or theft.

In case you would like to know more on how to protect, access and share data anywhere and anytime, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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