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MessageID is a One Time Password (OTP)-based short messaging service (SMS) to your mobile phone, which provides the user with a cost-effective and secure two-factor authentication (something you know (username) and something you have (mobile phone (token)) method.

When the user is trying to open an Outlook Web-Access or VPN connection on the computer the user normally has to fill out the username and password. With MessageID, the ID Control Server provides the user by SMS with a One Time Password for authentication in stead of the static password. When the user receives the SMS, the user only has to fill out the One Time Password, out of the SMS, into the logon field on the computer screen and with the correct permission rights the user can enter the web based e-mail or VPN.

MessageID operates as an OTP device, by which the user has to enter a One Time Password, with 6 to 8 digits, which is delivered by the MessageID over SMS to be used to authenticate the user to the extranet, Web Based E-mail and/or Application, Windows Network and/or VPN. MessageID is able to deliver two-way authentication which means the user and the ID Control Server can be mutually authenticated. Two-way authentication is different in the way that the ID Control Server is not only sending the user a password, but also authenticates itself by a server password which the user can check on his computer and verify with the Server Password received by SMS.

The use of MessageID enables a digital signature on transactions and/or documents. MessageID gives you a high assurance that the submitted transaction or document has been authorized and authenticated by the user.

Because MessageID uses your own mobile phone and SMS technology it is cost-effective and user-friendly, since there is no distribution and use of hardware token.

Modules for MessageID:
Secure VPN Authentication
Web Sign-On
Network Sign-On
Email Sign-On
Server Based Computing
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