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Managed Authentication Service

How to protect your online network, digital resources, transactions and business applications from unwanted visitors and unauthorized access without carrying the administrative burden of two factor and three factor authentication systems?

With more and more demand for remote secure access on digital assets, networks, applications and other resources the need for strong authentication of business partners, suppliers and staff is growing as well.

With the secure and affordable Managed Authentication Service of ID Control you can choose how you would like your strong authentication needs, demands and wishes to be managed while paying only on a monthly basis for the usage of the service.

You can choose simultaneously and mixed for the following strong authentication tokens in different environments:
ID Control OTP Key, a hardware based One-Time-Password Token;
CardID, a credit card sized OTP Key;
HandyID, a software based OTP Token, protected by PIN, on your mobile phone;
MessageID, One Time Password sent directly to the mobile phone;
RiskID, Risk Based Authentication of the (smart phone) device wanting access to your e-mail;
KeystrokeID, keystroke recognition of the user logging in.

Advantages of the ID Control Managed Authentication Service:

no upfront high investment and procurement in hardware and software;
quick implementation, configuration and no technical maintenance burden;
integration of the authentication agents into your environment;
monthly fee and flexibility in number of users;
on-site or hosted service;
secure web based easy to use service with account and token administration;
managed by highly experienced security engineers;
end-user, but no administrational, training;
complete backup and recovery of configurations and security policies.
managed service level agreements with (audit trial) reports up to your own satisfaction.

ID Control’s Managed Authentication Service is powered by strong partners and providing access protection on many different platforms and technologies ranging from Sign-On to:
Server Based Computing;
VPN Access;
Web Applications;
Web based e-mail;
Mobile phone based e-mail.

Should you have any questions, or remarks regarding the Managed Authentication Service, please do contact us!

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