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CardID assures organizations to know exactly which users have access to their VPN, server based computing, network, web based e-mail systems, online applications, extranet and many other private, sensitive and/or confidential digital resources and assets.

CardID combines something users know (username/password) with something they have (a credit card sized OTP Token Credential). CardID is used to generate an OTP during a secure online login. CardID generates an One Time Password on the front of the card when a small button on the card is pressed. Once the OTP is generated, a user enters this OTP into a login screen, which sends it to a ID Control Server for authentication.

Strong Authentication modules for CardID:
Secure VPN Authentication
Web Sign-On
Network Sign-On
Email Sign-On
Server Based Computing

Technical specifications:
  Out of band authentication without software on or connection to the client needed
  Algorithm available as time or event synchronized
  Size: 85.5 x 54 x 0.8 mm (credit card)
  OATH compliant
  Material PVC
  Battery life: 3000 OTPs generated over three years;
  ISO 7810 compliant
  6-8 digits One-Time Password display
  Works in combination with the Onsite or Hosted Edition of ID Control Server.

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